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  • Posted in: Oracle ATG

    I would love the B2B split order capability at cart and all the way through checkout for Carolina Biological. It would create a much improved customer experience. We have 2 situations where this would be helpful.  1. Right now, we have district level ...

  • Posted in: Oracle ATG

    Hi Heiko, I'm not quite understanding why you need two different orders? Do these verifications need to be done before the order is sent downstream or before? ------------------------------ Rohit Garewal Object Edge Walnut Creek CA ----------------- ...

  • Posted in: Oracle ATG

    I went through a lot of this solution design when we rebuilt the agent cosole  in React; we tried to extend it to do some light order management work.  The thing we discovered is that OCC is meant to be a transactional order taking CX platform, not an ...

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