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Holiday Preparedness

  • 1.  Holiday Preparedness

    Posted 09-11-2017 16:04
    I'm interested if anyone has anything they can share such as documents, tips, tricks, etc on holiday preparedness on an ATG site? For example, are their any tricky jobs to check? Is there any pruning that we may not have thought of? Particular areas of concern? Anyone willing to share their pre-holiday checklist?

    We are preparing for our first holiday season on ATG and would love to get some insights from those experienced on ATG! Thanks!

    Britni VandenBossche
    Business Solutions Lead
    Vera Bradley
    Roanoke IN

  • 2.  RE: Holiday Preparedness

    Posted 09-13-2017 18:40
    Let me start with a caveat - each Oracle Commerce implementation is unique, and some or all of the below may not be applicable ...

    For me holiday preparedness in an ecommerce context is all about capacity - not many companies have tons of extra server capacity simply lying around waiting for the busy holidays.  So, typically it requires creative ways of optimizing what you already have.  Below are some relatively simple things you can do to prepare.

    Know your numbers. How many pages views did your site get on the busiest day last year?  What was the peak number of user sessions?  During your busiest hour how many requests per second did you get? What is the expected year-on-year growth?  How is the load distributed across different parts of your site

    Load Test. With the information above review your load test and plan to run a few tests in advance of the holidays.  This will allow you to address any performance bottlenecks you might have, as well as tune the JVM.

    Tune your caches.  Review all your ATG repository caches focusing not just on the size of the cache, but also the amount of churn and cache hit rate.  On the Endeca-side, review the Endeca performance by doing an analysis of the request logs using the ENEPerf tool.  You can also access a wealth of performance information on the MDEX admin page.

    Cache your pages. Many pages on the site can be cached either using a Content Distribution Network (CDN) such as Akamai or by using the out of the box CacheDroplet. For example if you have a Cyber Monday landing page, the chances are you can cache this entire page.

    Server Housekeeping. Clean up your productions servers and make sure that they have plenty of additional hard disk space.  I am always amazed how often companies are caught off guard by the simple things, such as running out of disk space during the holiday period.

    Oracle Commerce Housekeeping.  Are you running the AbandonedOrderService and deleting abandoned orders over a certain age?  If not you probably have a lot of orders polluting your database which can have a significant impact on the performance of your site.

    Session Timeout.  Consider reducing your session timeout during the busy holiday period.  Lengthy session timeouts consume valuable server resources.  During the holiday period consider reducing your session timeout to 10 minutes, which means that the session will only consume server resources for 10 minutes of the customer.

    Connection timeouts.  Most sites rely heavily on integration with 3rd party integration for things like credit card processing.  Make sure that you have a connection timeout set on any calls to third party services.  In all likelihood your 3rd party services are also under heavy load and might not always respond.  If you do not set a connection timeout you risk causing an outage on your site as the server runs out of sockets waiting for the 3rd party to respond.  Most 3rd parties provide an SLA which you can use as a guide for setting your connection timeouts.

    Business support.  Work with your business users to identify opportunities to reduce firestorms.  For example, does the marketing team have to send out all there promotional emails in one big blast, or can they stagger them throughout the day, based on timezone etc.  This can help alleviate big peaks and troughs in visits to your site.

    The above a just a few of most simple things you can do to ensure a successful holiday season.

    Gerald Heath
    Founding Member

  • 3.  RE: Holiday Preparedness

    Posted 09-22-2017 17:05
    Edited by Chris Boyke 09-23-2017 00:47
    Elizabeth Scott, Tenzing's VP of Client Success, has written an eBook on holiday preparedness, which contains a lot of detailed information on getting your Commerce site ready for the holidays.    It's definitely worth a read - you can download it here:

    Get your ecommerce store ready for the 2017 holidays

    Chris Boyke
    Director, Oracle Commerce
    Tenzing Managed IT Services