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Website redesign / relaunch - protect traffic (two URL vs single URL)

  • 1.  Website redesign / relaunch - protect traffic (two URL vs single URL)

    Posted 12-03-2019 07:49

    When a website is undergoing a major redesign and relaunch efforts, especially, when the site is going from a distinct desktop / mobile experiences to a responsive, single URL experience, the most optimal approach to test and gain user feedback, while protecting the traffic and retaining SEO value, the most reasonable approach seems to be to add traffic to new website in a controlled manner, while the old site is still up and running.

    If that is a good approach, here are a few questions I need help with.

    1. Would it be better to launch the websites, totally transparent to the customer - meaning, have the www URL deliver both  experiences, while under the cover throttle the traffic between the old and the new websites or  should each of the websites have its own unique URL, say www for the  old website and www1 for the new website?
    2. What are the pros and cons of each approach?
    3. Does anyone have experience using Akamai's Phased Delivery or the Application Load Balancer Cloudlet products?

    Any insights is greatly appreciated.


    Vijay Srinivasan