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  • Posted in: Oracle ATG

    HI jesse, We actually implemented a similar requirement for one of our clients who are still on 10.2. The default orderIds are generated using the OOTB IDGenerator and they are  bound to have gaps because for every incomplete order(aka shoppingCart), ...

  • Posted in: Oracle ATG

    Hello Cohorts!  We have implemented an onsite recommedation engine (Jetlore) and we are are ready to consider an automated merchandising solution that has the ability to learn by site behavior as well as integrate with business rules that consider ...

  • Posted in: Oracle ATG

    Jesse, Modifying how the out-of-the-box order id generation works is complicated. If you persist anonymous carts, which a quick test shows that you do on, it is very difficult to reduce the number of ids you consume on orders that never get ...

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