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    Jesse, Product configurator can be done in Oracle Commerce itself. We have done product configurator for customizable products that can be configured by the customer before buying it. I am assuming you're looking for similar capability. Some of the key ...

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    RE: Product Selectors

    Posted in: Oracle ATG

    Hi Jesse, By way of introduction I led your original launch when I was with ATG.  Take a look at FPX, it's a cloud based configuration solution.  If you are looking for more of a product recommendations engine, we have an IBM Watson AI interface that ...

  • Posted in: Oracle ATG

    Hi Jesse, McFadyen Digital has used two approaches to product configurator requirements. 1. Use a commercial tool like Oracle CPQ cloud.  We're working on two projects now with this approach - one OC and the other OCC. 2. Develop custom code in Oracle ...

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